Medical Facilities


Willow Creek Women’s Hospital

Dr. Ivy performs the majority of his minimally invasive surgeries and outpatient procedures at Willow Creek Women’s Hospital. Willow Creek has established itself as the premier women’s hospital in Northwest Arkansas.

Northwest Medical Center Springdale

Dr. Ivy performs his robotic surgeries at Northwest Medical Center in Springdale. Ovarian cancer surgery is also performed here routinely. Northwest Medical Center is the only facility in Northwest Arkansas with two robots, which includes the latest in robotic technology.

Washington Regional Medical Center

Dr. Ivy performs minimally invasive surgeries and out patient surgeries at Washington Regional Medical Center.

Mercy Hospital in Rogers

Dr. Ivy performs surgeries at the Mercy Hospital in Rogers.

Gynecologic Clinics: Highlands Oncology Group

Chemotherapy Clinics: Highlands Oncology Group

Lymphedema Clinics: Highlands Oncology Group

Nutrition: Highlands Oncology Group

Complementary Alternative Medicine: Highlands Oncology Group

Genetic Counselors: Highlands Oncology Group

Hospice Programs: Circle of Life Hospice, Washington Regional Hospice

Rehab Facilities: Highlands Oncology Group

Physical Therapy: Highlands Oncology Group


Hotels For Out-Of-Town Patients