Vaginal Cancer Treatment

Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasias (VaIN)

Vaginal cancer treatment (for vaginal dysplasia, referred to as VaIN) can include removal (excision), laser evaporation, or Aldara cream. Rare cases that do not respond to primary treatment may sometimes be treated with local application of a chemotherapy-containing vaginal cream.


Cancers of the vagina are almost uniformly treated with radiation, regardless of whether the cancer is a squamous cell carcinoma or an adenocarcinoma. For more advanced cancers, chemotherapy may be added. This treatment is required due to the close proximity of the bladder and rectum to the vagina. Most excisional surgeries (ie, surgery in which something is removed) require something called surgical margin. Surgical margin is the amount of non-cancerous tissue surrounding the cancer that is removed along with the cancer. When removing vaginal cancers, it is difficult to achieve an adequate surgical margin without removing portions of the bladder and rectum, both of which are vital organs.

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